March 14, 2017

Disney World: Magic Kingdom

Our first day at Magic Kingdom!  This park was our kid's favorite park.
We started the day in Tomorrowland. 
Tommy racing away with Grandma.

 Then crossed the whole park to go to Frontierland and Adventureland.  The kids weren't too fond of Thunder Mountain Railroad.

 I don't remember Tarzan's treehouse being such a long hike around, but the kids loved it!
 The kids really loved the river safari ride.  I like this one too.
 Here we are on Splash Mountain.  This was Tommy's favorite ride.

 We did really good at hitting all the rides at the right time except for Pirates of the Carribean.  We waited way too long.  The kids got crazy and started climbing the walls!

 We had great seats for the parade. Whitney & Tucker were still young enough to get excited and wave at every character that went by.
 We wanted to leave the park right after the parade and the only way out was to follow it so we got a nice long view of it!
 Then we had to sit and watch it again with even better seats than before, haha!
 We went back to the condo with the intention of returning to the park, but the heat had wiped us out so we hung out and went shopping in Downtown Disney.

 Tucker and Grandma said they were too tired to do anything and were ready for an early bed time so they stayed at the condo, but then I found these pictures on my water camera!!! 

March 13, 2017

Disney World: Travel Day and Hollywood Studios

YAY!  Our trip that we've been waiting for finally came!  We knew we wanted to go on a Disney Cruise since Tucker was born, but we were waiting for him to be fully potty trained to do the Oceaneer club.  While planning the trip I hated to travel all the way to Florida without going to Disney world so we did a week there first!
Here is our crazy family trying to get through the airport with most our baggage (big mistake, won't do again!)
 Here we are on the plane with every leisure they might possibly think to need!
 We made it! Florida here we come!  The first day we just spent unpacking and grocery shopping for the rest of the week.
 Here we are at Hollywood Studios waiting in our first line!
Buzz light year shoot

 After we did a kid ride, Vic and I headed off to do some fun adult only rides!
Here we are at one of my favorite rides, Tower of terror, a straight drop down.
 I don't like how bumpy most roller coasters are, but this one is so smooth so it's one of my favorites too!
 My mom took the kids to the Disney Junior show and we got through the lines fast enough that we got to sneak in after the show had started and still get to join them for the end when all the bubbles and treasure falls down.  I was worried they'd be too old for it, but they still loved it!
 After that we headed to the Indiana Jones show and of course Vic figured out how to get himself picked to go down onto the stage and be an "extra" in their movie making.  The kids were a little scared by this show, but had fun seeing Vic down on the stage.
 These light sabers were a hit!  It entertained the kids in the lines for quite awhile and they could hardly put them down at the hotel either.  Below we are in some Star Wars simulator ride. The kids liked it, but I HATED it!  I was sure I was going to throw up and had to take giant breaths the entire time and then was nauseous afterwards too. 

 Frozen show!!! All the girls in our group loved it! Tucker thought it was okay and Vic and Tommy wish they'd gone on some other ride!
 We had to sign up for Jedi training in the morning and we are so glad we did.  This was definitely the highlight of the day for all 3 kids.
 Tommy was very serious during his training, pretty sure he thought he might be on the real force training team!
 At the end of their training Darth Vador came out to fight the kids and tested their skills.

 They all passed the test and got a badge to prove they are an official Jedi.

 While waiting for our fastpass for another ride we got pictures with some of our favorite characters.
 Tucker and Jake were the cutest.  Jake was so excited to see Tucker come up all dressed like him with his toys so Jake played around with Tucker before taking this picture.

 The kids LOVED Fantasmic (although I don't know what happened to the pictures!).
After Fantasmic they also had a Star Wars show.  We started to watch it and decided we were too tired so we saw the end of it from the parking lot!

February 28, 2017

February Happenings

February continued to be freezing cold here in Idaho.  We had the most snow I could remember since I was a child.  We tried to keep getting out of the house so we didn't go stir crazy!  I put the kids in swimming lessons and Tommy got much better and Whitney & Tucker now know how to swim too!
 Whitney did a science experiment and reported on it and made the front wall at her school!  Tommy later did a very detailed report on butterflies and he made it on the front wall as well.  I have such cute little hard working smarties!
 It finally started warming up and melting away the snow enough that we could see the sidewalks again!
 Valentine cuties!
 Tucker & Whitney got to go to a Valentine party.
 Sometimes these two look like twins!
 My mom helped the kids craft some Valentine chains.
 I sadly had to work on Valentine's Day so my mom made us a festive dinner. 
 Whitney's teacher is so creative with her crafts!
 The kids love taking baths at Grandma's house!

 ...and then we did start to go a little winter crazy... Tucker started to love dressing up like a girl!
Tommy started his first basketball team.  Vic and I help assist coach.  It was so much fun, I loved helping and watching the games.
 Tommy got really good at getting the rebounds and taking it to the other end of the court.  I think he did great, but he hated how much running was involved.  Hopefully I can convince him to love it!